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Christmas Destinations Of A Travel Blogger

.Travel Destinations Everyone wants to find the perfect Christmas Destinations to sip hot cocoa and listen to Christmas music. Through much experience, these four travel bloggers will tell you the best Christmas destinations around the world. Adam Wright in Dubai Blog:  The Arabian Desert is not often associated with Christmas and holiday celebrations, yet it

My Bad Experience House-Sitting

My Bad Experience House Sitting

Getting paid to travel the world, staying in high-end homes, castles, or on tropical islands? Sounds like a deal to me, so I thought I would give it a try. Little did I know that I would have a bad experience house sitting. Bad Experience House Sitting I’ve heard many great things about house swapping, a

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Utimate Guide to Chicago

One of the largest cities in the states, Chicago is home to over 3 million residents and hosts approximately 40 million visitors each year. There is so much to do and see, it’s like a whole nother world. This Chicago travel guide will definitely come in handy. Chicago Travel Guide Where Is Chicago? Chicago is right

Bahamas – Heaven On Earth

Bahamas – Heaven On Earth

Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas I don’t have to tell you that the Bahamas is an AMAZING place to visit, I’m sure you already know. But I will show you some cool things to do and pictures that will make you want to book a ticket right now. Most of these things are from Green Turtle

5 Must See Places In Michigan

Awesomeness In Michigan Whether you live in Michigan or are just visiting, there is always plenty of fun things to do! Read on for some of the most popular destinations in Michigan. 1 | Frankenmuth Home to the ‘World’s Largest Christmas Store’ and miles of shops, this is a great way to spend your weekend.

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Reasons Why We Travel

Why We Travel Each year billions set out to travel and discover the world. For people that don’t usually travel or people that do but want to know more about why others do it, keep reading and learn why some of the most seasoned travels continue along their journey. Carly Moore | Girl Out of Bounds