My Bad Experience House Sitting

Getting paid to travel the world, staying in high-end homes, castles, or on tropical islands? Sounds like a deal to me, so I thought I would give it a try. Little did I know that I would have a bad experience house sitting.

 My Bad Experience House-Sitting

Bad Experience House Sitting

I’ve heard many great things about house swapping, a few summers ago I house sat with some friends on a little island, Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas.

The House

When we got there, we were delighted – Pumped actually. Overlooking a private yard with palm trees everywhere and hanging egg chairs from the trees. The beach house itself was awesome – one master bed, two guest beds, and a loft overlooking all of the other rooms plus a screened in porch. Everything was decorated like a tropical getaway with various sea remnants like shells and sea fans. It was right outside of town with lots of privacy.

The location was awesome, it was right off a path outside of town with lots of privacy.

The Deal

Once we got there, the deal was to meet with Rome, the lady that owned the house. After we met, she was supposed to leave the Bahamas to Flordia to stay with her family. For this reason, we were there to house sit while she left.

The Problem

Rome leaving for two weeks, a whole beach house to ourselves on the ocean, with a bunch of friends…It was a perfect set up. The only thing was that when the time came for Rome to leave, she didn’t.

She told us that her flight plans didn’t go as planned and taking a boat would take too long. We waited for her to leave, thinking she would figure something out. It became incredibly cramped and awkward. Of course, Rome was a very nice woman but very set in her ways. She was very particular with how she wanted everything in her house right from how much water we used to how loud we were being.

After a week of living with her it was clear she wasn’t planning on leaving, so we did.

The Solution

After looking around, we decided on renting out a condo for the remainder of the week. It was about $2k so we all split it.

In The End 

It wasn’t what we planned, spending extra money for something we were going to get for free, yet it all worked out. If that hadn’t of happened we wouldn’t have had the chance to stay on the other side of the island. This allowed us to meet a different crowd of people where there were parties and a lot more things happening. We ended up having an awesome time.

Although I had a bad experience house sitting, we ended up having an awesome time. I would definitely try house sitting again.

I hope my Trip to the Bahamas interested you.

Have you ever had a bad experience house sitting? Or maybe a good one? I would love to hear about it in the comments bellow! Thanks for reading 🙂

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