Mount Wilson Observatory – Best View In LA

Mount Wilson

Right next to the Griffith Observatory, Mount Wilson, part of the San Gabrial Mountains, has one of the greatest views I’ve seen in Las Angeles.

mount wilson beth daubner

Not only is it less crowded, it is more tucked away into the woods of the mountain. Which is a nice change up from Griffith away from big crowds and a more mountainous view. With an elevation of 5,713ft, you might even see snow up there.

The View

The view up there is without a dought amazing.

mount wilson mountains

There will be snowy mountains and on the ride up beautiful green ones.


mount wilson photography beth daubner

Check out the path at the end for the best view.

mount wilson beth daubner

You will be so high up you’ll get a chance to actually look down on the clouds.


Mount Wilson has a few historically significant telescopes. The Hooker telescope was the largest aperture telescope in the world when it was completed in 1917 to 1949, and the 60-inch telescope which was the largest telescope in the world when it was completed in 1908 and a few more cool telescopes.

Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble researched here and stood in the spot I’m standing bellow.

mount wilson telescope

Astronomical Museum

Learn about stars and different things seen from the telescopes in this little museum.

Cosmic Cafe

Check out the Cosmic Caffe, they have the BEST PB&J’s and other good foods. Definitely a good place to stop if you’ve spent the day hiking.

mount wilson cosmic caffe


If you are looking for more of an adventure, check out the trails around Mount Wilson.

mount wilson hiking

Thanks for reading 🙂 what do you think of Mount Wilson and the Observatory? Talk to me in the comments 🙂

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