Old Las Angeles Zoo – An Insane Discovery

Old Las Angeles Zoo: Griffith Park

Opening in 1912 with and then later closing in 1966 on account to the opening to the Las Angeles zoo, The Old Las Angeles Zoo is full of eerie abandoned enclosures. The Old Las Angeles Zoo is even rated as one of the Most Insane Abandoned Places In Californa according to Thrillist and still brings in thousands of visitors each year just to see the ruins of the zoo.


  • Free
  • ~1.5 miles round trip
  • Park closes at sunset
  • Location: 4730 Crystal Springs Drive Los Angeles, CA 90027 (not the exact address, but you will see signs for the merry-go-round when you get close)

Location & how to get to the Old Las Angeles Zoo

In order to get to the Old Las Angeles Zoo, you will have to go to the merry-go-round in Griffith Park right off the 5 freeway. Once at the park with the merry-go-round, you can park for free then proceed to about a 5 minute walk up from the lot to the zoo.

There are also Hiking Trail Maps for this area.

Animal Exhibits

This is the cool and eerie part of the zoo. There are tons of animal exhibits covered in graffiti, trash, and vines that used to hold various types of animals. You can go inside them and wander around. Some of them are much larger and you can stand inside while looking up the stairs through the locked gate.

This one is at the top of the stairs which you can access by going aroud the entire enclosure and actaully enter it.

old las angeles zoo

There are smaller ones also to check out. You can’t get into these ones as easily because most of them are locked. They are fun to check out and explore anyways.


The Zoo is also popular for all the movies that are filmed there. One popular movie filmed here was Anchorman. This is where the bear scene is filmed.

old las angeles zoo anchorman

If you know of any other cool abandoned places in California or anywhere else I am very interested in hearing about it in the comments!


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